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06/01/1998 random musings: K advice

Some web "advice" from K Records: "Better to suck being yourself than be good at being someone else, I say."

And an interesting couple of articles on starting a pirate radio station in K's Community pages. Click on the Page Two link in the left frameset (navigation is strange, otherwise).

05/03/1998 random musings: consumer culture

I'll probably go into culture-acquisition mode soon. Any reccomendations? Write me.

04/08/1998 random musings: Short o' time

I'm currently working on a number of Web sites and preparing for software training classes I'll be conducting, so time has been short.

03/09/1998 Emigre: Emigre 45

Emigre 45

The latest issue of the design journal. I hadn't been aware of the printer and typographer Jack Stauffacher, but his work is amazing, both his experiments and his other projects.

Thankfully, it seems as though with the last few issues, the number of whiny letters to the editor has reduced some.

I strongly recommend issues 35, 36, and 37. Others are good, too, but those particularly stand out for me.