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Web Development: The Efficiency Network
07/16/2013 The Efficiency Network: Senior Software Engineer

At TEN, I rewrote the company's mobile data collection app in Sencha Touch (JS/HTML5 compiled to a native iOS app with Cordova), and in eight months brought this JS/HTML5 version to feature-parity with the previous iOS version (including several asked-for upgrades), which had taken four previous Objective-C developers two years.

Prior to that, I re-architected the company's Node-based API to use clearer structures in its data store and Neo4j (instead of Allegrograph). I improved the API design with more intuitive URIs and worked dynamically with other team members to replace the current infrastructure in dramatically less time than it took to create the initial codebase. Technologies used: Node.js/express.js, Neo4j/Cypher, MongoDB, mongoose.js, Redis, MySQL.