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Web Development: Flash/Actionscript
06/02/2005 Flash/Actionscript: Dynamic XML-parsing Actionscript for Harry N. Abrams, Inc.

This was an interesting one--while it is in essence a slide show with cross-fades, the key requirement was that Abrams staff be able to make decisions on their own about which images should go in the animation. The answer was to create a .swf which would parse an XML file and load the images at runtime, so most of the interesting stuff is happening in the main Actionscript, and there's relatively little going on in timelines. As the project went on, there were some additional interersting requests--animated section headers, the ability to adjust timing and position for individual images, forward/back/section advance/section rewind buttons, and a soundtrack. It was a bit of an education (did you know that Flash reads in XML in reverse?) but I was indeed successful (and the Abrams people were happy).