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Web Development: PHP, Javascript, CSS
01/03/2005 PHP, Javascript, CSS: Miss Williamsburg

Mikesell Design asked me to come in and make changes to the HTML, CSS, and PHP templates of the Miss Williamsburg site to fix various inconsistencies across browsers, and also to institute design consistency on the commerce pages hosted at 1and1.com--no small feat that, since 1and1's commerce system is one of the most baroque I've seen, sequestering everything behind an obfuscating web-based interface. Ultimately I chased down the templates (some obscured by filenames and variables in German) and CMS fields I'd needed to, and enacted the changes. Equally obscure was a problem with one particular Windows XP machine, which doesn't want to display background colors...though equivalent XP machines do. Never a dull moment in cross-platform compatibility work.