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Web Development: WebCatalog
08/08/1999 WebCatalog: GreenMarketplace

I've been lax in updating this whole site, largely because of a lot of work going on at GreenMarketplace.com--we're really bustin' a move, here.

07/15/1999 WebCatalog: GreenMarketplace

I've taken a position with GreenMarketplace.com. It promises to get extremely busy, as well as extremely interesting.

And there's more WebCatalog stuff. I'm doing a pretty huge database for a client, which is taking a significant chunk of my time.

04/26/1999 Design/WebCatalog: GreenMarketplace

I've spent most of the first part of this year doing things in WebCatalog, a pretty interesting database system. GreenMarketplace.com and Earthday 99 are some examples; another is in progress.

04/26/1999 Design/Frontier: EnviroLink

EnviroLink is given some significant column inches in "Time Magazine", and elsewhere in their Earth Day feature, they highlight three sites I've done: EnviroLink, GreenMarketplace.com, and Hog Watch.

12/10/1998 Design/Frontier: Hog Watch

Finished with the Hog Watch site--and there's additional work on the horizon. (The design of the site was changed significantly sometime after I left EnviroLink/GreenMarketplace/NetworkForChange.)

12/10/1998 Career shifts: EnviroLink

All good things must come to an end--in this case, my occupying the position of Creative Director at the EnviroLink Network. I've enjoyed working at the Internet's only environmental resource of consequence, but now I'm concentrating on my freelance and contract work, such as my work as a consultant to Knauer Communications. I'll still be around as a consultant on special projects, though, and my email address won't change.

09/30/1998 Art/Frontier/Perl: Use

Still overloaded with work right now (a good thing, I guess). Use, a project of mine supported by a grant from the "Pennsylvania Council on the Arts", has been online since August. Check it out.

06/14/1998 projects: use

Just got back from a content-gathering trip, part of a Web-based art project I'm working on, funded in part by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. I'll put up a link when the first version's up.

05/01/1998 Art/Frontier/Perl: Use pre-planning

I'm also working on a site that's an extension of my work with non-intentional dynamic web systems (see the work in my Projects area, funded by the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. (I didn't design the PCA site, though.)