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Web Development: Quick Takes
05/11/2009 Quick Takes

So I just did a table-based layout with pixel shims for an HTML email. Does THAT make me so evil?

04/03/2009 Quick Takes

I have tweaking-design-for-Outlook rage.

04/01/2009 Quick Takes

I'll note that the multi-DVD-swapping Adobe CS4 install is just like the multi-floppy-swapping software installs of 20 years ago.

03/05/2009 Quick Takes

I'm doing some very subtle Javascript coding before punching out.

01/07/2009 Transitions

I'm saying goodbye to (most) freelance work.

12/18/2008 Version Control

I'm being subversive (or, rather, using Subversion)

11/15/2008 PHP/mySQL: Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra

I built an online ticket-generating system for the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra, which lets visitors download and print dynamically generated PDFs of tickets to the PYSO's free events. It's more convenient than their previous system, and offers significant savings over having to mail them out. This was a PHP/mySQL project in CodeIgniter, also involving the FPDF library for the PDF output.

09/30/2008 PHP/mySQL/AJAX: Saving the World

Since early August, I've been able to tell people that I've been busy "saving the world"--Saving the World at Work, that is. I've teamed up again with the fine people at Rapture Studio (they did the excellent design and we worked together on the spec) to develop this social networking site related to the ideas in Tim Sanders's new book. For a project of this size, and of this compressed time frame, we turned to the CodeIgniter MVC framework to gain additional leverage. Go on over and take a look.

09/18/2008 PHP/mySQL/CSS

I'm taking part in building this: www.savingtheworld.net

09/10/2008 PHP/mySQL/CSS

I'm quite literally working on Saving the World

07/15/2008 Quick Takes

I'm banging my head against a composition

07/11/2008 Ruby on Rails

I'm banging my head against some code

07/07/2008 Quick Takes

I'm really making good on my threats to start an avant-garde drone metal band

06/09/2008 Ruby on Rails

I'm wrestling with text flows in PDFlib again

06/06/2008 Ruby on Rails

I'm making progress with text flows in pdflib

06/06/2008 Ruby on Rails

I'm beating my head against text flows in pdflib

05/30/2008 PHP/mySQL: CodeIgniter

I've been finishing up various projects and cultivating some new ones. Before the new ones start, I've been getting into the CodeIgniter MVC framework. It's a pretty natural fit, since I've been using ideas from the MVC world for a year and a half now. Very small footprint, good performance, and quite flexible. And it turns out that some of the things I've been doing in my CMS fill a need in CI, like building out the administrative area based on the structure of the database itself. Interesting framework, and I can see using it for a number of things that are in the pipeline.

05/19/2008 PHP/mySQL/AJAX: EmailAtoZ

I've been working again with the fine team at Rapture Studio on a new site for email etiquette guru Tim Sanders's Email A to Z. While much of it's a standard content site, there are some interesting extensions: you can take Tim's email etiquette test here, and you'll find it enlightening, but the real action is in the administrative section, where I gave Tim access to a number of statistical reports on how people have answered, all of them very intelligently designed by Rapture Studio. The challenge was doing all this as efficiently as possible, and it was a fun project to do because of it.

03/04/2008 PHP/mySQL/CSS/Javascript: Long Tail Audio

Long Tail Audio, a group of audio engineers who clean up and digitize audio archives. The site itself is my standard content management system with a very compelling look and feel from design studio Lost In Brooklyn. I did have to spend some time tweaking the presentation to work with the woefully non-compliant IE 6, but the site does render well in all the major browsers. Some interesting additional bells and whistles are in the planning phases, as well.

01/26/2008 PHP/mySQL/CSS/Javascript: This website

It's been quite a while in coming--one's own projects come last, after other clients--but I've finally upgraded my own site to the latest version of my CMS. Most of the enhancements are on the admin side or in the structure of the site itself, particularly the database structure (I've become a big believer in convention over configuration, from the MVC world). There are, however, some standard niceties in the front end (permalinks, next/prev) that weren't in the old 2001-era version of the site. (Yes, the dog food was that old.) Updates are easier now, so there'll be even more enhancements this year.