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Web Design: Development and Design
03/15/2002 Development and Design: Emerge Communication and Emerge Health

Emerge Communication websiteThis one's a case of both development and design. Both Emerge Communication and Emerge Health run from the same PHP templates, and have differing but related designs based on the company identity work from Tajima Creative Group. Both sites are designed with a clean, minimal aesthetic, so that the form doesn't get in the way of the content. As always, we tested extensively to get consistent behavior across different browsers and platforms.
Emerge Health websiteOn the backend, both sites use my browser-based PHP/mySQL content management system so that any member of the Emerge team can add, edit, and delete pages, as well as organize the structure of the entire site, right from a convenient Web interface. Additional features are in development.

UPDATE (11/1/04): Emerge has dissolved, and its principals moved on to other projects. As a result, the sites have been taken down. Still, I expect to work with them in the future on other things.

12/20/2001 CD Covers: Stoic Sex Pro

For that bold, clinical, and reserved look, I went with a very greyed-out logo, which led to the whole package being greyed out. It's a nice effect.

12/20/2001 CD covers: Clutter, liquid-e

Shortly after the December 9 show, Clutter had a particularly successful rehearsal that we made into a CDR for promotional purposes. Nick suggested the title, and I took it as a challenge to come up with a way of representing that graphically. The whole illustration was done in Photoshop, and the blue bits in the "water" are actally little es.

12/12/2001 Design

New design projects have been happening! One is...this site right here. I also worked on templates for Chessclub.com, but it's unknown at the moment when they'll be implemented. This past fall and summer, I also did some print work for Washington Mutual, Inc.--print work only; it doesn't show up on their site.

I'm also currently working on a few small Web projects, and designing the package for a small CDR release of my recent performances. (See Music Production.)

12/12/2001 CD Covers: Clutter, Live at the University of Pittsburgh, December 9, 2001

Here's a quick design I did for the live recording of the first show I did with Clutter. I like the little illustrations standing for each of the players, and the vague 50s/early 60s vibe to the design.

08/01/2001 CD Covers: Bowie fan CDR

A friend has put together a CDR of Bowie rarities and outtakes, mainly of songs that he gave to others to record. (Consequently, they've never been compiled on one disc before.) He asked me to put a cover together, and here are the front and back:

It was a fun one to do--it's been a while since I did something with a scrapbook look.

08/10/1999 Green Living Center

The Green Living CenterThe Green Living Center

Envirolink.org's the Green Living Center site has been retooled and improved. Illustrations are by Jennifer Rounds; I did layout, coding, Frontier programming, and some graphic updating--the home page and navigation. It's a good site.

07/15/1999 GreenMarketplace.com

I've taken a position with GreenMarketplace.com. It promises to get extremely busy, as well as extremely interesting. The site is up, taking orders, and is also going through an incremental upgrade process. Follow the design proceess and pick up some earth-friendly gear by clicking on the link.

04/26/1999 EnviroLink

EnviroLink is given some significant column inches in Time Magazine, and elsewhere in their Earth Day feature, they highlight three sites I've done: EnviroLink, GreenMarketplace.com, and Hog Watch.

I've spent most of the first part of this year doing things in WebCatalog, a pretty interesting database system. GreenMarketplace.com and Earthday 99 are some examples; another is in progress.

03/11/1999 GreenMarketplace.com

The Green MarketplaceThe Green Marketplace

The 1999 site for the Green Marketplace

12/10/1998 Hog Watch


Most of the Fall of 1998 was spent working on Hog Watch, a project of the Environmental Defense Fund. If you weren't familiar with just how bad the industrial farming problem is in North Carolina, click on the link to check it out. There's some pretty intense table action on the home page of the site, and the rest of the site is a great example of what's possible with UserLand Frontier.

All good things must come to an end--in this case, my occupying the position of Creative Director at the EnviroLink Network. I've enjoyed working at the Internet's only environmental resource of consequence, but now I'm concentrating on my freelance and contract work. I'll still be around as a consultant on special projects, though.

06/03/1998 Design: HKS, Inc.

One of my clients, HKS, Inc., recently went to Linux Expo to show off their product CCVS. One of the promo items was a T-shirt I did for them, visible in a few photos taken at the time, but the server in Ireland hosting them seems to have gone where the woodbine twineth.

05/18/1998 GreenMarketplace.com

The 1998 site for the GreenMarketplace.com (original flower sketch by Jennifer Rounds)

05/01/1998 Work: overload

That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger. I just spent a solid two and a half weeks (evenings, weekends, the whole bit) working. I redesigned EnviroLink, redesigned, coded, and structured the EnviroArts area, did a huge demo web site for a potentially huge client, put up an interim site for a client, got out an artistic project proposal, worked out technical and coding issues for another new content area, and spent two days training staff of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in Applescript. It was, to be honest, exhausting, but I did it. If I'm in this much demand, I must be good. Agree? Write me.

04/22/1998 EnviroLink

EnviroLink Network

I redesigned the EnviroLink Web site, improving the user interface, standardizing the code, while staying true to EnviroLink's identity. Check it out. This project and a number of other large projects were due simultaneously, which was quite a challenge.

In addition to redesigning EnviroLink, I've redesigned the EnviroArts area, which now features content from Orion Magazine and Orion Afield.

04/22/1998 CERES

Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies

The site for CERES, the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies

04/10/1998 The Sustainable Business Network

Sustainable Business Network

I redesigned the "Sustainable Business Network", a monthly web magazine featuring news, investment tips, classifieds, and other useful information on sustainable business. Lately we've had certain requirements about banners that have made the pages more difficult to get right. It's an ongoing issue.

02/20/1998 Logo & Identity

I've been doing some logo and identity design:

Corporate identity for HKS, Inc.

The old logo

The new logo

Logo for HKS's product, CCVS (Credit Card Verification System)

Logo for Userland Software's Internet file protocol, Fat Pages

12/15/1997 ebr

A dynamically generated performance piece of mine was published in ebr6.

08/10/1997 Arizona International Campus

Arizona International Campus

I designed the web site for the Arizona International Campus at the University of Arizona. A good project. Be sure to check out the weekly calendar, if you have Javascript turned on.