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Music Production: Quick Takes
05/27/2009 Quick Takes

I'm all about the pedal steel right now. Now if I could just find one ultra-cheap...

03/23/2009 The Bureau of Nonstandards

Live BoN show on WRCT--another in our line of really good radio-only sets.

03/23/2009 The Bureau of Nonstandards: WRCT

Circuit bender Kevin C. Smith and I are back at the table of bent electronics for a live-on-the-radio show on WRCT. It'll be Monday, March 23, at 9PM EDT--you can check it out over the airwaves, or online via live stream. The Speak 'n' Spell might come back to life, and maybe the Furbies will sing...or something entirely different will happen. There's only one way to find out: tune in Monday at 9. We'll see you...on the radio.

WRCT, 88.3 FM Pittsburgh, or WRCT, 9PM Monday March 23.

03/06/2009 The Bureau of Nonstandards

Awesome Bureau of Nonstandards show--the Furbies laughed at us, though.

03/06/2009 The Bureau of Nonstandards: Morning Glory Coffeehouse

It's time to smash your cell phone, saddle up your Furby, and bring your noise-making keychain on over to the Morning Glory Coffeehouse in the new-on-the-cultural-radar neighborhood of Morningside. That's right, circuit bender Kevin C. Smith and I will be at it again as the Bureau of Nonstandards, with Kevin coaxing a stunning variety of sounds from his bent and twisted toys, while I munge the results into a post-human groove, hunched over the laptop with email-checking intensity.

We'll be appearing with Beach Fuzz, all the way from Manchester in the UK, about whom I know pretty much nothing, apart from the excerpts on their Myspace page, which range from feedback and drum bashing to psychedelic drone ambience.

Will the Speak'n'Spell give us evocative vocals? Will the Furbies chant in religious ecstasy this time? C'mon out and see.

1806 Chislett St., Pittsburgh, PA 15206 [Map]. All ages. 7PM.

03/05/2009 The Bureau of Nonstandards

I'm about to send out a gig spam for Friday's Bureau of Nonstandards show. Time got away from me, folks.

02/28/2009 Quick Takes

This new tune is yet another Bedhead ripoff, isn't it?

02/24/2009 Quick Takes

That riff was too good to be his own composition, but I can't figure out which song I ripped off.

02/19/2009 The Bureau of Nonstandards

That was a pretty darned good Bureau of Nonstandards set. So does Kevin. Live on WPTS. Favorite bit: when we took the Furbies to Tibet.

02/18/2009 The Bureau of Nonstandards: WPTS 92.1 FM Pittsburgh

Circuit bender Kevin C. Smith and I are up to our tricks again--we're playing the WPTS Live show this week. You won't have to schedule it, since it's on the radio or live internet stream. You can just dial it in, kick back, and listen to an hour of pure electronic id from Kevin's Speak 'n' Spells, Furbies, Casios, and other curious sources, as well as my sonic twisting of the results. See you...on the radio.

92.1 FM Pittsburgh, or wpts.pitt.edu, Wednesday February 18, 2009, 9PM

01/23/2009 Quick Takes

I wish I'd gotten up at 3 and put down that little melody I can't remember now

11/18/2008 The Bureau of Nonstandards: Your Inner Vagabond

Here's a special one: circuit bender Kevin C. Smith and I are going back to the well of bent and twisted electronic toys, while I fire up the live remixer. Will the bent Furby do its three stooges thing again? We'll find out. I might just bust out a short solo set of my latest stuff as well.

We'll be joined by local scene legend Steven Sciulli on his new Hartmann Neuron synth--this might just be the only one of these anywhere near town, and is quite the special device. I know I'm looking forward to hearing what Steve can do with this thing. And if that isn't enough, we'll also be joined by Power Pill Fist from Black Moth Super Rainbow...and he'll be playing Atari 2600! Some surprising stuff is going to happen.

Once again it's at Your Inner Vagabond, so you'll be able to check out some fine coffees, teas, and middle-eastern/subcontinental entrees and desserts. How can you lose? By not coming, that's how. See you there!

4130 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA

11/05/2008 Maurice Rickard: Your Inner Vagabond

It is indeed that time of year again: leaves are curling up and dying, falling from trees in colorful death-droves, and there's that peculiar decaying aroma of politics in the air. Should you be anywhere near Pittsburgh on Wednesday, November 5, consider stopping in to Your Inner Vagabond for the sixth annual Open Mic Jandek Cover Night.

As ever, the guidelines are simple: anyone can come and play, but you have to cover a Jandek tune. Any style, genre, instrumentation, or approach is welcome. Aesthetic risk-taking is actively encouraged. (Hey, last year I did a no-input all-feedback version of "Down in a Mirror.") Unlike previous years, however, we have room for a drum kit. Anyone up for "John Plays Drums"?

This year, we're hosting the evening at Your Inner Vagabond, a very comfortable coffeehouse and world lounge in the happening Pittsburgh neighborhood of Lawrenceville. Decor is very Middle Eastern--carpets, pillows, low tables...the perfect setting for someone to tackle "Khartoum," for instance. YIV serves a wide variety of delicious teas (iced and hot) and often astonishing Middle Eastern and Subcontinental desserts, as well as coffee. While no alcohol is served, you can BYOB.

Also, it won't interfere with your voting. Come on out! See you there!

4130 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Wednesday, November 5, 8PM. All ages. Free, but order something to eat or drink to show some support for the space.

11/04/2008 Quick Takes

I have not yet played ukulele today, but I have indeed voted.

10/30/2008 Quick Takes

I play ukulele...and I vote.

10/21/2008 The Bureau of Nonstandards: Your Inner Vagabond

Minmei Decelis (My Boyfriend the Pilot) is leaving town and going out with a bang--one last show at Your Inner Vagabond with the Bureau of Nonstandards (that's circuit-bender Kevin C. Smith and yours truly) and 8cylinder. It's not just a show; it's an experience: Min, Kevin, and I will be doing a live film soundtrack to the classic Forbidden Planet. Rehearsals have been quite compelling--I'll be playing processed guitar, Kevin will be bringing a bunch of bent toys, and Min will be playing two Theremins. You heard me, two Theremins. Come on down and check it out.

4130 Butler St., Pittsburgh, PA 15201. Tuesday October 21, 8PM to midnight, with the movie at 10:00. All ages, BYOB.

08/23/2008 Maurice Rickard: The Secret Show

Time for another show...with a few twists. I'll be doing my recent trip-hoppy BuyExpensiveDrinksCore (although...this time, you cant!) using the new baritone guitar, for some extra core-moving bass frequencies. This show gets rolling Saturday afternoon, and I'm on at 5PM sharp (not Rock Time). And it's a benefit for the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania. How can you lose? Come on out, hear music, and know that you're doing something nice for animals. I'll be joined by plenty of other performers, as well:

Surviving the Odyssey doing their blend of electronica, trip-hop, ambient, synth-pop, and electro dance music. DJ Dale Cooper will be stirring up some irresistibly danceable tracks. Bass Clown will bring the deep house, soul, funk, jazz, and other booty-moving music. TurnStyles does all kinds of music, and for this evening he'll be spinning the funky house. Make sure you're in it when he does.

And you'll get a chance to meet some animals up for adoption. See you there!

The Home Economics Building in South Park, South Park PA. 3:30 PM until midnight. $5 benefits the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania.

1. From Pittsburgh take the Liberty Tunnel and take 51 S. towards Uniontown.
2. Get on 88 S./Library Road.
3. Follow Library road to the park entrance following the signs.
4. Veer Left onto Corrigan Drive and take that into the park.
5. Follow Corrigan Drive till the T in the road and make a right onto Brownsville road.
6. Make the immediate Left into the parking lot. The Home Economics Building is to the right of the Buffalo Inn.

08/10/2008 Quick Takes

I now own a new Danelectro '63 "reissue" baritone.

07/31/2008 The Bureau of Nonstandards/Death Pig: Your Inner Vagabond

July 31 at 8PM at Your Inner Vagabond in Lawrenceville: first off, I'll a short set of no-input stuff: that's right, I'm reviving Death Pig. Electrons will wrap themselves in an exoskeleton of feedback and crawl across a radiation-blasted, post-human desert. You get to listen.

Circuit bender Kevin Smith and I will also do a set of liberated, repurposed noisemaking toys + remixing, building on our last set at the Artworks in June. Keep your eye on Kevin's circuit-bent Furby, providing creepy, insidious vocal hooks, as well as disturbing dance moves.

The surreally talented My Boyfriend The Pilot will be headlining the evening in a noisy cage-match--to the death!--against DJ Dizaster. (My money's on Min.) If anyone's left standing, we might just combine forces at the end of the night.

Your Inner Vagabond, 4130 Butler St., Pittsburgh PA 15201. July 31, 8PM.

07/27/2008 Quick Takes

I'm going to be plugging everything into a big feedback loop


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