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Music Production: The Bureau of Nonstandards
06/24/2010 The Bureau of Nonstandards

Some folks from work came by the BoN show earlier this month, so now we've been bl0gz0r3d.

Actual Size Creative

06/04/2010 The Bureau of Nonstandards

I have committed to riding the fader during the Bureau of Nonstandards show tonight. Should I have brought the compressor? Too late now.

06/04/2010 The Bureau of Nonstandards: The Three Rivers Arts Festival

Friday night, June 4! The Bureau of Nonstandards rides again as part of the Arts Festival's Art of Technology Exhibition, with chattering, sputtering, crackling circuit-bent devices and twisted processed loops. We're on at 7, followed by Mike Tamburo's friendly vernacular ambience. Come on down and get (circuit-)bent.

805/807 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, 3rd Floor Gallery. Right between Dozen and the Shaw Galleries. 7PM sharp, Friday June 4, 2010. All ages. Free.

06/03/2010 The Bureau of Nonstandards

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette mentions Friday's Bureau of Nonstandards show...but fails copy-and-paste 101. (They misspelled my first *and* last name.) Arts Festival goes more interactive in its 51st year

04/09/2010 Quick Takes

Corrupting sound forever.

02/12/2010 Quick Takes

Recording bass lines; the left hand has started complaining.

01/28/2010 yoctonaut

My bleep!BOX compositions have been coming together, and you can hear some now at yoctonaut.com.

01/02/2010 Quick Takes

Considering how unpleasant the Automat 0.4-to-Automat 1.0 conversion process is, I can see why I've put it off, but there's no resurrecting most of my Ableton Live work without it. So here goes nothing.

11/06/2009 Open Mic Jandek Cover Night

Tonight! Friday November 6! 7:30 pm! It's the 7th Annual Open Mic Jandek Cover Night at the Morning Glory Coffeehouse in Morningside. Anyone can play, but you have to cover a Jandek tune. Free! All ages! BYOB! I'm out of exclamation points. http://bit.ly/3ZICmf

11/06/2009 Maurice Rickard: Morning Glory Coffeehouse

You might not be able to get Naked In The Afternoon, but you can show up fully clothed at the Seventh Annual Open Mic Jandek Cover Night, on Friday, November 6, 2009, and perform one or more songs by the enigmatic Houston-based singer/songwriter Jandek. Actual interpretation and arrangement are up to you, but there are some space constraints, so acts smaller than full-band-size would be best. That is, no full drum kits, no stacks, no Keith Emerson keyboard rigs. There will be low-volume amplification, and that all-important reverb for the vocals, and that's about it. As always, anyone can perform...but you have to cover Jandek tunes. (We'll have lyrics available if you need a refresher.)

The details: The show starts at 7:30 (ish), Friday, November 6, at Morning Glory Coffeehouse in Morningside: 1806 Chislett St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206. All ages. BYOB. Free.

If you notice the date, you'll see we're breaking with tradition a bit: due to an already-scheduled show, this year's show will be on November 6 (Jandek Day observed) instead of the 5th. Maybe yinz all can do a private observance on the 5th, and come on out for the 6th. So don't just Pass By The Building or have Second Thoughts, but ask yourself "What Can I Say What Can I Sing," Show the Man Your Picture, and come on out to the Seventh Annual Open Mic Jandek Cover Night. You'll almost certainly Come Through With a Smile.

Morning Glory Coffeehouse, 1806 Chislett St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, Friday, November 6, 7:30 PM. All Ages. BYOB. Free.

10/03/2009 Quick Takes

I wrote yet another good yoctonaut track last night. Bleep!BOX is teh hottness.

09/21/2009 Quick Takes

I'm surprised by this glorious pop melody. Sounds like a bridge or post-chorus or something. Gonna have to get this down.

09/03/2009 Maurice Rickard: WRCT

It's time to return to the WRCT live show, this time performing solo. What'll I do? I have no idea. Possibilities include, but are not limited to, BuyExpensiveDrinksCore, dark ambient improv, the newest batch of yoctonaut pieces, and--maybe, just maybe--some scaffo. Curious? Who wouldn't be? Tune in for the triumph, stay for the disaster and cathartic tears. I'll see you...on the radio.

88.3FM Pittsburgh, or live Internet stream. Thursday September 3, 2009, 9PM.

08/28/2009 yoctonaut

I'm going to be bleep!BOXing in a minute.

08/13/2009 Quick Takes

I'm really impressed with Kevin's work on the upcoming Artificial Sea disc.

07/30/2009 Quick Takes

I'm all "flatwounds and new bass bridge."

07/17/2009 Maurice Rickard: International Children's Art Gallery

After a bit of a dealing-with-other-things layoff from public performance, I'll be re-emerging with a solo set as part of Sonica Electronica, a benefit for Pittsburgh's International Children's Art Gallery. On the bill:

All the way from Oakland, CA, Matt Davignon (Ribosome Music) will be improvising soundscapes with heavily modified and processed drum machines (they sound like synths, actually).

Legendary Pittsburgh music innovator Steve Sciulli (Life in Balance) will unleash some of his latest work on synth, wind controller, and will most likely bring other surprises.

Master guitarist Mike Klobuchar will supply his expertly created ambient guitar loops and textures to reboot your mind.

Given the experimental side of the show, I'm starting to think I'll bring my more listener-friendly work (BuyExpensiveDrinksCore), some of which was most recently heard last summer on WRCT, along with some new things in that vein. Loungey, fuzzy, loopy, hypnotic...what's not to like? Not too many people have heard this stuff yet--you can still be among the first. Or I might play all the way "out"--who knows what the mood will be? We'll also do a collaborative improv at some point, surely.

No cover as such, but there will be a request for donations to support the Gallery, and (we hope) defray Matt's travel costs. We'll see you--and you hear us--there.

International Children's Art Gallery, 5020 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15224. Friday, July 17, 2009, 7:30PM. All ages. Donation suggested.

07/10/2009 Quick Takes

I went spelunking through the archives and found a very promising track.

06/02/2009 Quick Takes

Many thanks to Steve for the lap steel loan.


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