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Communications covers a lot of different things, but in this section I mean writing in the service of business. In the past I've done catalog copywriting, some PR, and most recently Human Resources writing. If you need to communicate more efficiently with your customers, colleagues, or employees, let me know.

12/07/2003 Chalk Creek Software: PR print materials

Earlier this year, I wrote some PR materials for Chalk Creek Software as part of an overall PR and identity package done by the fine folks at QuestionOxygen. Now I've learned that the whole thing is finally going to press! My task in the writing segment of the project was to help Chalk Creek project an (accurate) image as dependable, forward-thinking developers who chose the appropriate technologies for their projects out of experience and logic and not out of fads--a company that doesn't hide behind buzzwords. (I did have to talk them out of inserting "solution" into the text during a revision cycle, but that kind of thing happens.) It was a fun little project, and it'll be nice to see it printed.

05/31/2002 Washington Mutual: WM Consumer Bank HR

I've just finished up my part of a large communications project--rewriting Human Resources documents for the various job positions of the Washington Mutual Consumer Bank. It was an interesting process of getting to understand the existing docs, and then reworking them for clarity, more consistent voice, and more consistent organization. (I suspect they'd been written over a long time by several different people, which is where these variances can creep in.) It was a fun project, and it was nice to be able to exercise my writing skills again. And it was--as always--a pleasure to work with the rest of the Emerge Communication team.