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I've changed the name of this section from "Music Listening," as it seems that I'm getting a lot of hits from people looking for .mp3s. Sorry, folks, but you're not going to find 'em here. If you're looking for reviews, opinions, and general musings, however, you've come to the right place.

02/18/2011 Quick Takes

Somehow, it just became absolutely essential that I listen to this. Maybe the same is true for you. On The Corner - Miles Davis - Pandora Internet Radio

02/14/2011 Quick Takes

Here comes the SunnO))).

Southern Shelter » Sunn O)))

02/10/2011 Quick Takes

Branca, Symphony No. 5, 6th Movement.

Glenn Branca - Symphony 5 (live @ the Kitchen) PART 1

02/10/2011 Chrome

Alien Soundtracks. Half Machine Lip Moves.

02/09/2011 Quick Takes

This is a perfect morning for Rhys Chatham's A Crimson Grail.

02/09/2011 Quick Takes

Now it's time for The Jesus Lizard.

02/07/2011 Quick Takes

I'm listening to Stockhausen's Mikrophonie. It's like being in a concert hall with six judgemental ducks.

02/03/2011 Quick Takes

Who did this to us?

The For Carnation - Moonbeams

01/26/2011 Quick Takes

I'm all about Chris Brokaw's "Dresden Promenade." Both versions slay.

01/20/2011 Quick Takes

Commuting music: Arcane Device, Engines of Myth.

01/19/2011 Quick Takes

Listening to Bahram Mansurov, tar player from Azerbaijan.

01/18/2011 Quick Takes

Shaping up to be a Sonny day.

Sonny Sharrock - "Who Does She Hope to Be?"

01/15/2011 Quick Takes

Out with the boys. Driving soundtrack: Meet the Residents.

01/13/2011 Quick Takes

Rockin' the Stockhausen for the morning commute.

01/04/2011 Quick Takes

Mind-blowingly beautiful music for Tuesday afternoon.

Popol Vuh - Aguirre I (L'acrime di rei)

01/03/2011 Quick Takes

just can't stop listening to the In a Silent Way sessions.

12/21/2010 Quick Takes

"I'll take both of *you* on! I'll take both of *you* on!"

The Fall - Winter - Peel Session

12/19/2010 Quick Takes

All this time, we were standing at the finish line.

Come - Finish Line

12/17/2010 Quick Takes

Bert Jansch: transcendent. Pegi Young Band: very good. A great show in a great room.

No Neil; I have heard that he objected to a certain audience member's derogatory use of Lanois's phrase "I got in there with my sonics." still, a fine evening.

12/17/2010 Quick Takes

RIP, Captain Beefheart, difficult, cantankerous, impossible-to-work-for, sublime weirdo bluesman.

Captain Beefheart dies at 69 | EW.com